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Wild Salmon Shares
(September/October pickup dates)

Wild Sockeye Salmon (whole sides)
$228 per share, 12 lbs

The full fillets are lovely–a fillet is a whole “side” of the fish, carefully trimmed. Each whole fillet averages 1.5 pounds and serves 3-5 people. The 12 lbs of fillets will easily fit into a standard refrigerator/freezer, occupying about a third of the space of the freezer.

Wild Sockeye Salmon (portions)
$238 per share, 12 lbs

The portioned shares are our most popular. They are made up of fillets that have been cut into smaller pieces and individually vacuum-sealed (there are approximately 25 to 28 portions per 12 lb share). These shares are ideal for individuals, or smaller households, or for those who wish to ration out their salmon cache over the course of numerous meals. Each portions averages 6 to 8 ounces and serves 1-2 people. The 12 lbs of portions will easily fit into a standard refrigerator/freezer, occupying about a third of the space of the freezer.

Wild Sockeye Salmon (canned/preserved)
$30 per share, 6 x 3.5 ounce cans

Our old-fashioned Alaskan offering of canned salmon: each share consists of 6 cans that are 3.5 ounces each. We’ve packed the cans with just a pinch of salt and nothing else. They are boneless and skinless (and blasted delicious). We enjoy them with a squeeze of fresh lemon, a few grinds of freshly cracked pepper, & a drizzle of olive oil.:)

Wild Cod & Smoked Salmon Shares
(November/December pickup dates)

Wild Alaskan Cod (portions)
$200 per share, 12 lbs

Each wild Alaskan cod share consists of 12 lbs of bled, chilled, vacuum-sealed, and flash-frozen wild Alaskan cod caught via longline, on the Bering Sea, by the indigenous-owned vessels that Christopher’s tribe holds a stake in. We’ve portioned the fillets into approximately 16-20 pieces. They are beautifully firm, white-fleshed fish, wonderfully suited to curing, sauteing, and roasting. Note: cod shares are available in New York pickup locations only–we hope to expand it next year to everyone!

Cold-Smoked Sockeye Salmon (portions)
$80 per share, 2.5 lbs

Each cold-smoked wild sockeye salmon share consists of 2.5 lbs of bled, chilled, cured, cold-smoked and vacuum-sealed wild Alaskan sockeye that we caught on our little boats in Bristol Bay, Alaska. We’ve smoked the fillets whole, on the skin, and unsliced. You are free to slice them as thick or as thin as you wish. Our cold-smoked fillets keep superbly in the freezer, so you can enjoy them through the winter and spring. (Note: there are no nitrites or nitrates in our cure, only salt and sugar.)

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