Share Season - NY Smoked is Open

Our NY location is now accepting orders for our winter smoked salmon program. Please learn more about our various pickup locations and get on our notification list for 2021 (existing members will always be notified of future offerings).

Portland, Oregon

Opening Soon


Winter Cold-Smoked Shares (New York)

Now taking orders


New York, New York

Opening Soon


Seattle, Washington

Opening Soon


Eugene & Corvallis, Oregon

Opening Soon


Austin, Texas

Opening Soon


How it Works


Choose a City and Select Your Share

We accept new (& former) shareholders during the months of April and May. When you become a shareholder in our catch, you'll select a pick up city & location, choose how many “shares” you'd like to order, pay a 50% deposit on your share(s), and select a pickup date. (Don’t worry—you can log into your account at any time to change your pickup date from the list of available options)


We Go To Alaska and Catch Your Fish

In June and July, we travel to Alaska to harvest wild sockeye salmon from our MSC-certified sustainable fishery in Bristol Bay. Your fish share will be filleted, vacuum-sealed, and flash-frozen to lock in "just-caught" freshness.


Meet Us on Your Pickup Day and Collect Your Share

You'll meet us at the pickup location on the date you selected and we'll hand over your sashimi-grade share of our brilliant wild Alaskan catch. Your fish will be frozen and individually vacuum sealed; and will stay deliciously fresh in your freezer for 12 months. (If you’ve only paid the 50% deposit on your share or shares, you’ll pay the 2nd half when you pick up.)

What is a Salmon Share?

Iliamna Fish Co. is owned and operated by fishermen who spend their summers catching wild salmon in Bristol Bay, Alaska, where each of our families have been fishing for generations. During the rest of the year, we live in various parts of the US.

A community supported fishery (CSF) allows an individual to buy fish directly from a fisherman, instead of through the (sometimes murky) world of seafood distributors. The hallmarks of a CSF are transparency and a clear chain of custody from a fisherman to your home kitchen. When you become a shareholder in a fishery, you cease to be a consumer of a commodity and you become, instead, a stakeholder in the well-being of a vibrant, living marine ecosystem.

Though now commonplace in fisheries all over the US, Iliamna Fish Co. was one of the country’s first member-supported fishery companies. While we’ve been longtime supporters of CSAs ourselves (for food that we buy from farmers and ranchers whom we personally love and support), it was not until 2004 that the idea occurred to us that we could adapt the CSA model to our wild Alaskan salmon fishery and to our own small boats.

Frequently Asked Questions